Our company has the purpose of offering its products with the highest quality and the latest technical advances with a clear vocation oriented towards the user. The range of manual ceramic cutters thanks to its high technical level, robustness and simplicity of use has won the recognition of professionals such as the ceramic production factories.

The range of professional cutters is remarkable for its high cutting capacity. It brings together all the technical and quality concepts providing unprecedented solutions within the manual ceramic cutters existing in the market, because its great cutting capacity is checked when working with extruded and porcelain stoneware.

For special cuts TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A. We offer a wide range of portable and table electric cutting-off machines. Each model adapts to specific and specific needs and can thus obtain an optimal result in the cut of stoneware, porcelain, extruded stoneware, marble, granite, stone, etc.

We also offer a wide range of tools and machines for the placement of ceramics, designed to obtain impeccable results through simplicity, efficiency and speed of application. Different types of tools suited to specific needs and all of them with our CONSTOOLS® brand.

An important family of products is the set of profiles and corners for finishing the placement of the ceramic. The increasingly growing demand for decorative solutions in the field of ceramics has in turn created the demand for more perfect finishes and high decorative level. With our CONSTOOLS® brand we respond to this demand and offer the profiles in chromed lacquered metallic finishes, in stainless steel, in noble wood and in PVC. The profiles are designed for applications such as the termination of corners, steps, joints of different pavements and expansion joints.

Our more than 25 years of experience in the field of placement has given us a high knowledge of the different types of ceramics, which is why customers continue to request solutions for specific problems. An example is the range of treatment products for terracotta, as it is specific solutions for this type of flooring, strippers, waterproofing and waxes that appropriately meet the demands of our customers.