Tomecanic Hispania turns 30 years

Since its creation in 1989, TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A. has a prominent position in the providing of services to the construction professionals.  Under the brand name CONSTOOLS®, the company is an European specialist in machines and tools and develops a wide range of products adapted to the specific needs of each user.

The company was set up 30 years ago in Esparraguera, a village in Barcelona. It’s founding partner was Ferran Farriols, a person with an extensive business experience, specialized in the ceramic sector. The founding members had a broad knowledge in the field of distribution of building materials, and the French parent Company TOMECANIC had a wide and specialized range of products in that field. Thus, they decided to distribute the products exclusively through the building materials distribution warehouses. From the outset, TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A. has actively participated in all the trade fairs and exhibitions of the sector, which has provided them with an excellent platform to make known the wide range of CONSTOOLS® products, specialized in laying pavement and coating.

Over these years, TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A. has extend its commercial and distribution network and has been able to provide high-quality tools with excellent performance to the professionals in the field. Counting on all that acquired experience, now it aims to develop new products that facilitate tasks and help to carry out work more effectively.

Currently, TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A. and CONSTOOLS® are a brand reference for the quality and high-performance of its products intended to the cutting of materials, as well as in the wide range of metal profile that contribute to a perfect finished. 

TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A does also offer to its distributors and customers training and demonstration services that significantly improve the know-how of the products, both in its use and its technical aspects.

In Esparreguera, TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A counts on some modern facilities extended over 1,800 m2 where a permanent stock with more than 1.000 references which complete its product catalogue is available. 


TOMECANIC HISPANIA, S.A. develops tools and machines for laying ceramic floors and for construction in general