Manual Tile Cutters

The ceramic tile cutter is the star product of TOMECANIC-CONSTOOLS since over time it has been on which a great intensity has been placed both in its development and updating and to make it reach the maximum number of users. We offer different types of manual cutters for ceramics to adapt them to the needs of each user, always prioritizing quality and efficiency.

Manual ceramic cutters are very appreciated for the speed of cutting, its main feature and that makes that today continue to be fully valid in professional and amateur use. Cleaning and autonomy are two other values that the user appreciates since they allow working with them anywhere with the least dirt and without the need for electrical connections to work. Another very important and valued factor is that manual ceramic cutters do not have cutting elements that put the user at risk, so they stand out for their safety over many cutting machines. In addition, the economic aspect is very favourable given the low cost of the spare parts makes the cost per cut is very low compared to other cutting machines.